Providing a Protective and Hygienic Barrier

Providing a Protective and Hygienic Barrier

By Jennifer Krispi on Jan 21, 2013 at 09:45 AM in External Fetal Monitoring Transducers, News


The Process and Problem of External Fetal Monitor Transducers

External fetal monitor transducers are used to detect and trace fetal heart rate and uterine contractions, along with the frequency and duration of contractions. There are belts or a stretchy band that is used to hold the two transducers in place. 

Hospital births typically require the use of external fetal monitoring. Some providers will require the laboring women to be monitored through out their labor and birth wearing both transducers.

Unfortunately, these transducers are uncomfortable after several hours of use. The position of the transducers needs to be adjusted frequently due to the changes in uterine and fetal activity. Additionally, the ultrasonic gel slides around during the monitoring process making a mess for the provider and is unpleasant for the pregnant woman.

The Solution

the-addition is the solution to these problems. It uses a soft, cushioning material that holds the transducers in place and contours to the woman's belly, reducing the need for time-consuming adjustements by the provider. The design of the-addition holds the ultrasonic gel in place, reducing waste and mess, as well as improving patient satisfaction. the-addition also provides a hygienic and protective barrier between the woman and the transducers.