The Buzz

The Buzz

By Jennifer Krispi on Apr 13, 2012 at 05:51 PM in External Fetal Monitoring Transducers, News

We’ve begun selling the-addition to hospitals, and the response has been very positive! Check out some of positive comments we’ve received!

“What a welcome product! Finally some comfort for women who must have continuous fetal assessment.”


“Thanks so much! My patient Anna is sooo much happier with the-addition on!”

- Liz M., RNC

"After years of trying to keep the external fetal monitor in have finally developed a product that is significantly more comfortable for the patient while keeping the minimum amount of gel needed well confined. I believe that you have developed a wonderful product that any Labor and Delivery RN would benefit greatly from"

-David R. M.D. Vice Chair, OB/GYN and Department Head, OB/GYN

“I personally used your product and really loved it”

-Lotta A. R.N. Director of Perinatal Services

Click on the Shop tab to purchase the-addition. We’re happy to come and in-service nurses and other staff.

Add your own positive experiences below!