External fetal monitoring transducers

External fetal monitoring transducers

By Jennifer Krispi on Nov 13, 2012 at 10:02 AM in External Fetal Monitoring Transducers, News

External fetal monitoring transducers

monitoring pregnant women in the hospital is standard routine.The pregnant woman presents themselves to the obstetrical unit, because they are in labor,  being induced for labor, for antepartum testing, to rule out labor, or they were sent in by their provider.Many reasons why pregnant woman are monitored externally. External fetal monitoring requires that two transducers are placed on the womens pregnant belly. The toco transducers is placed on the top of the pregnant womans belly. This toco transducer records uterine activity which is recorded on a machine. The toco transducer has a knob on the underside which detects pressure. The knob when placed on the skin can be uncomfortable after some time. This knob from the toco transducer often will leave a divot in the womans skin. The ultrasound transducer is placed over the fetus back or chest cavity. The provider often performs leopolds prior to placing the ultrasound transducer. Prior to placing the ultrasound transducer the provider needs to use ultrasonic gel for contact between the transducer and the fetus. The ultrasonic gel often gets smeared over the womans belly.and can be quiet messy. The toco transducer as well as the ultrasound transducer are both kept in place with either two straps or a band. These transducers can be uncomfortable as well as challenging. The solution for external fetal monitoring is the-addition

the-addition is a easy,simple,latex free solution for external fetal monitoring.

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please send literature and sanples to try the product.