the-addition Basics

the-addition Basics

By Jennifer Krispi on Mar 25, 2013 at 12:29 PM in External Fetal Monitoring Transducers

Although medical technology continues to advance rapidly, one device that has changed little since the 1970s is the external fetal monitor. These are necessary for detecting fetal activity, but they are hard and uncomfortable for the patient. the-addition is the solution.

the-addition is a flexible, removable cushion that fits on external fetal monitors. It fits all monitor types, including wireless and waterproof units. the-addition is made of a latex-free material, is easy to use for medical providers, and creates a hygenic protective barrier between the patient's skin and the monitor.

By cushioning the hard plastic of the monitor, the-addition makes a more comfortable environment for the patient. This also makes for a better fit, thereby improving accuracy of the monitors. It helps to hold the monitors in place, which decreases the time a medical provider has to spend adjusting and readjusting the monitor positions. Additionally, less ultrasonic gel is required when using the-addition, which reduces waste and helps save resources.

the-addition can be applied and removed with only a few simple steps. It helps make external fetal monitoring a much better experience for both the patient and the medical provider.

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