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Clinical Trial

At The-Addition, we believe in evidence based practice. We'd love to share with you what we've learned so far through a literature review, and what we hope to add to the current evidence base with your help. Can we count you in? If you perform NSTs or EFM,
let's support nursing innovation together.

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The evidence so far.

Expectations of pregnant patients and their care teams are changing, and our practice needs to embrace that. Whether EFM is being performed in a clinic for a NST, or in the hospital during antepartum or labor, it needs to be quick, safe, and effective. Both the nurse and pregnant patients have complained that belly bands are uncomfortable without support, and require the nurse to spend significant time to readjust the transducers. Strips often take a long time to obtain, and may contain artifact that can impact clinical . decision making and patient safety. This is especially true in pregnant patients who are obese, experiencing pre-term labor, or expecting multiples. Nearly 25% of all pregnant patients in the US are considered obese at the beginning of their pregnancy, and it is up to us to find a better way to monitor the health status of our complex patients.

A literature review of current products to enhance EFM have shown that there is nothing on the market to improve this process that is significantly preferred by either clinicians or patients, especially in complex monitoring.

The-Addition can be used for all pregnant patients with an indication for EFM. 


We hypothesize that The-Addition will improve nurse satisfaction while performing EFM in all patients, especially those that are challenging to monitor.

Trial Design

EBP matters, and you can help.

What does the study look like?

Why should you participate?

As providers, we know that using evidence based products to guide our practice is essential. Here at The-Addition, we have brought in an outside research team to design a safe and simple pilot study that can add to the current literature on EFM. We are now looking for appropriate clinical sites to conduct out study, and we'd love to have you on board.

  • Participants are nurses that perform EFM

  • Nurses are trained in application of The-Addition with a video and skills check

  • Nurses take a pre-survey, and then apply The-Addition to their next 10 patients where EFM is indicated

  • After they've applied all 10 sets, the nurse then completes a post-survey about their experience with the product in different patient populations

  • Study length is only 2 weeks

  • There is NO cost to the facility to participate

  • All materials are provided

  • Nurses get hands on experience with research which may help improve the sustainability of EBP implementation efforts

  • No patient data is collected

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