Easy to use foam pads applied directly to the transducer of the EFM

The Addition EFM Transducer Pads

  • Improves appearance of contractions

  • Stabilizes transducers

  • Provides a barrier between the patients and the transducers

  • Great for any gestational age

Trace The Addition EFM Transducer Pads

Patent # US8568338B2

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As vice-chair of OB/GYN at Cottage Hospital and Department Head of OB/GYN at Sansum Clinic I am writing this letter to let you know what a terrific new product the-addition is. After years of trying to keep the external fetal monitor in place with as little gel as possible you have finally developed a product that is significantly more comfortable for the patient while keeping the minimum amount of gel needed well confined. There is no longer the need to continuously wipe down the patients abdomen or to readjust the monitor because it has slipped out of position. the-addition is a simple, inexpensive product that allows the nursing staff to focus on the patient and not on manipulating the monitor on a regular basis. My patients are much more comfortable when monitored and no longer have issues with the ultrasonic gel spreading on their abdomen and gowns. I believe that you have developed a wonderful product that any Labor and Delivery would benefit greatly from.
Dr. David R, OB/GYN